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A lack of success in something, or an unsuccessful attempt at doing something. Something that falls short of what is required or expected.

referring to the third plane used in the September 11th attacks

see also: first plane and second plane
He wants to pass the test, but is worried he will third plane.
by Helbard December 08, 2003
An event that causes serious loss, destruction, hardship, unhappiness, or death. A state of complete disorder and confusion. A disaster beyond belief.

referring to the second plane hitting the World Trade Center

see also: first plane and third plane
Hearing about my pacifist uncle going on a shooting spree was so second plane!
by Helbard December 08, 2003
Having no purpose, use, or sense, or any positive or beneficial effect.

referring to the fourth plane during the September 11th attacks that crashed into the Pentegon

see also: first, second and third plane
Going to that lame party was fourth plane!
by Helbard December 08, 2003

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