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4 definitions by Hektik Bektik

A man to skeet/cum between a womans ass cheeks and slap em together
"i bent that bitch over and made a skeet burger outta her ass"

by Hektik Bektik January 20, 2009
the white sauce u get in ur mc chicken burger that hasnt bn wrapped properly and is dripping so wen u take a bite it ends up on ur mouth, face n chin
Dude, thats nasty! wipe ur mouth it looks like ronald mcdonald mc skeeted on ur face!!
by Hektik Bektik January 20, 2009
Code used by ladies to describe the act of sexual accomplishment by having a PASH, FUCK and LEAVE.
Jane : what did u get up to last night
Bec : i did a PFL on this hot dude in the club
Jane : U go girl


Jane : man all i feel like is a PFL, stuff relationships!
by Hektik Bektik January 18, 2009
Congunjavitis.. Pronounced Con-gun-ja-vi-tis
The red swollen eyes of a person who had smoked to much gunja. This person is denying the true reason their eyes r red...
claiming its a medical condition similar to conjunctivitis..
Johnny walks in the door later after school rubing his red eyes.
Mother : Johnny where have u been, have u been smoking?
Johnny : Nah mum, i jus got congunjavitis
by Hektik Bektik February 02, 2009