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a town in the south of england that has drifted a mile west every 3.7 years in an attempt to get away from a massive shitpile called portsmouth.
i want to get out of this pompey shitpile but they wont let us in southampton until we have had our jabs.
by Heinzie May 24, 2011
The act of a guy in their late teens or early adulthood having sex with a smoking hot woman in her 40's while taking a submissive role. typically the older woman demands that the younger submissive male calls her "captain"
"did you see him get in that milfs car?"

"yea, he is gonna get some janewaying in, im so fucking jealous! pass me that joint..."
by Heinzie June 30, 2009
to dry hump someone of the same sex once with great vigor while they are bending over while shouting "OOST!", perhaps while they are picking up somthing. idealy an oost should knock someone over. oosts can be performed from a standstill or with a run up.
mr a is bending down to tie his shoelace and mr b runs up behind him, performing a running oost that knocks him flat on his face.
by heinzie July 10, 2008

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