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This is often dubbed in on a movie seen on cable TV instead of using "fuck you". This is recognizable due to the awkward mouth motions that do not match what the dub over said.
"oh yeah Frankie? Well FORGET YOU!"
by heino March 11, 2006
A road in almost every big city (sometimes refered to as Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway) that strangly always has bad crime and is notorious for homeless people and crack heads. If you ever get lost in Atlanta, no matter where you are, you will definitely end up on MLKJ Drive. One must be very careful while traveling any Martin Luther King Jr. Drive or Pkwy.
" Roll up the windows and lock the doors, kids. We're turning on Martin Luther King Jr. drive"
by heino March 12, 2006
Someone who hates fast food resturaunts and always gets screwed over by not getting what they ordered. Often heard yelling such obscenities like
"Stupid people! Your job is not that fucking hard!!!"
Chris is such a fast food nazi. He is always rude to the people at Taco Bell.
by heino March 12, 2006
This is a common situation when having cyber sex without using an econdom.
SarahT69: Um..I have some bad news
BigGuy21: yeah?
SarahT69: you know when we cybered the other night? Well, I'm epregnant
BigGuy21 has signed off
by heino March 11, 2006
A bag that is carried on the shoulder most commonly by girls from age 13-22 and sometimes by older women trying to still look young and hip. This bag is most recognizable by the reflectant sequins that will blind you if you look straight at it. Most popular colors of this bag inlude, white, gold, pink, silver and multi-sequined. One can find this type of bag at any purse stand in the middle of the mall with the girl sitting in the chair looking extremely bored. Style accompanied with this bag may include:
-blonde highlights
-tight AE jeans
-Clark's Wallabees
-fake tan
-too dark make up
-tight shirt from Body Shop
-too tight belt

I am from the south and this may just be a southern thing, but I'm pretty sure it is not.
Sequined purses are such a fad.
by heino March 12, 2006
A south eastern state. I live in Alabama and there definitely ARE rednecks, not much racism, (actually a lot of blacks and Mexicans reside here), tons of pick up trucks and camoflauge, trailors, and hot, sticky weather. Good food, fat people. Alabama is the fattest state. It's peaceful for the most part. It is mostly republicans and anti-abortionists. Not to mention Bush lovers, but it's not too bad. There are, believe it or not, some cool people here. Probably 85% Christians. Not too many mullets, but a lot of bad dressers and 80's hair. I won't live here forever. No one should.
Alabama is pretty, but definitely not the most beautiful place in America. See Boulder, Colorado.
by heino March 11, 2006
This is a person who believes TOOL is the best band in the world and looks down upon any other type of music. Tool snobs especially hate nu metal and emo kids who think their type of music is superior. Tool snobs believe Tool's music is the most complex and thought provoking ever created. Some, though not most, even believe the lead singer is a god.
"Tool is so thought provoking and deep, you would never understand their lyrics..." -A Tool snob to someone who doesn't know Tool.
by Heino January 03, 2006

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