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F10 is something you say to idiots on Counter-Strike: Source who ask you stupid things.

If that doesn't work, you tell everyone on the server that F10 was patched by Valve and now it insert believable function here
Unnamed: "How u git tha bazooka?!"
Heineken: F10
Unnamed left the game (Disconnect by user).
by Heineken January 23, 2005
A word used to describe anyone that is much more worse than a "dick"; they are a complete asshole.
That dikk is such an asshole.
by Heineken January 23, 2005
(S)evere (A)cute (R)acing (S)yndrome.. Some of the symtoms include, abnormal police attention, excessive ticketing, suspension of drivers license, and cancellation of insurance.
I can't drive tonight, I got fucked by SARS again!
by heineken May 18, 2003

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