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3 definitions by Heineken

F10 is something you say to idiots on Counter-Strike: Source who ask you stupid things.

If that doesn't work, you tell everyone on the server that F10 was patched by Valve and now it insert believable function here
Unnamed: "How u git tha bazooka?!"
Heineken: F10
Unnamed left the game (Disconnect by user).
by Heineken January 23, 2005
181 31
A word used to describe anyone that is much more worse than a "dick"; they are a complete asshole.
That dikk is such an asshole.
by Heineken January 23, 2005
1 9
(S)evere (A)cute (R)acing (S)yndrome.. Some of the symtoms include, abnormal police attention, excessive ticketing, suspension of drivers license, and cancellation of insurance.
I can't drive tonight, I got fucked by SARS again!
by heineken May 18, 2003
4 23