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Someone who feels that by not giving into their lusts, they are doing something good for themselves and for society. People who feel this emotion aren't social outcasts, losers, or romantically inept. In today's society, losing one's virginity is quite an easy task, with hookers, booty calls, and fuck buddies so easily available -- it's resisting temptation that's hard.
By protecting themselves from STDs, unwanted pregnancies, emotional damage, and needless regrets, many people who hold off on sex until marriage feel some measure of virgin pride.
by Heina December 16, 2005
a creepy, covertly incestuous ritual in which a girl "gives" her virginity to her father who will "give" it to her husband on her wedding day. inherently misogynist, since no one seems to care about what boys do with their dingalings. usually put on by evangelical fundie Christian dads who "date" their daughters, exhibit lots of family love, and have an unhealthy interest in their daughters' sexuality.
Did you see the Glamour article on incest-fest... er, I mean, purity balls?
by Heina December 15, 2007
Zlad!, #1 Molvanian singer, declared himself this in his hit song.
I am the Anti-Pope, like a lion kills an antelope, like a hammer hits a cantaloupe.
by Heina October 23, 2007
sex position where the receiving partner bends over and holds onto the round base of a Fender guitar stool while the penetrator stands behind. great for hitting the g-spot if you're a short girl with a tall partner.
I was so glad my recording studio is soundproof; she's a screamer whenever we do the Fender Bender.
by Heina March 14, 2007

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