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Delaura Middle school is a hell-hole located by "beautiful" Satellite Beach, Florida.

Home to a Boy's basketball team that can't play for shit.

Most of the eighth graders are moderatley cool, while the sevies think they're hot shit, but they're really annoying, and everyone wants to punch them.

So far, three chicks have gotten pregnat.

All the guys are sexually confused and wear Hollister Co. *cough*Thad-A*cough*

And most girls wear short-shorts with their fat thighs giggling *cough*Alisha-B*cough*

This school only sucks becuase of the sevies and that fat bitch in the power wheel chair.
Example one-

Power wheel chair lady: Do those sandals have backs?

Slut: Fuck you betch! I hate DeLaura Middle School, and you!

Example two-

Brandon M: I'm gay and proud!

Teacher: Shut the fuck up Brandon. *rolls eyes*

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