11 definitions by Heidi Wexler

A gala is an excuse to go to your Prom Nite that you miss 20 years ago. Recieving flowers,kissing wineing dineing
Too much Show
by Heidi Wexler October 27, 2003
Heaven compare to the impoverish streets of insane DIEGO .Rich people
that will take off their shirts for poor people so the can live A place of compassion ,hope,and service is well demostrated Santa Barbara is the Mainland version of Maui, Hawaii. There
is no place in the United States like this Paradise.
I was stuck in Santa Barbara for 4 years I feel like a pauper with a Princess appetite The surf is Rad at Rincon
by Heidi Wexler October 27, 2003
A posse from Script Ranch, Tierrasanta,
Poway,and Fallbrook spending a night out in the Metro Hotel at 13th and J Street for Survival Reasons
Yo man this is the hood to get Fuck up
and fin the most dyfunctional people
by Heidi Wexler October 27, 2003
a song by Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth
51/50 Rocks
by Heidi Wexler October 29, 2003
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