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1.) a verbal salute used as a greeting or at departure
2.) a word used in celebration
popularized by Larry Wachs, the Jew of THE REGULAR GUYS, a popular radio show in Atlanta,Ga. The word originates from a call by an inebriated listener refered to as "Stoner Mike" a self proclaimed wordsmith/catch-phrase creator. The word was stored to the Regular Guys soundbyte library and is played at various times throughout the show, as well as a remixed version at the end of the show.
Hey Guys, peteetong, F-U Steve
Peteetong to you sir.
by Hefftone February 20, 2008
The vertical up down motion practiced by Daniel Laruso in the movie "The Karate Kid". Some people will use the motion as a goofy dance move, similiar to the sprinkler, and starting the lawnmower.
I was so wasted at Bill's wedding that i started to "Paint the Fence" on the dance floor, while Jenny was doing the sprinkler.
by hefftone April 24, 2009
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