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Vestalle, otherwise known as one of the sexiest hunters of the World of Warcraft realm Blackwater Raiders, is amazing. She has been known to be able to pull off any type of look, whether it be the fashionable indie-look, or no clothes at all. Most people prefer the later. Vestalle is also Russian, which makes her that much cooler than other people.
Goldshire Girl: Hey, for 10g, I can give you some fun.
Patron: No thanks, you aren't nearly as good looking as Vestalle.
Goldshire Girl: Man, I wish I was sexy and Russian.
by Hedrik March 01, 2008
A "Donagh" is a term commonly used on World of Warcraft (WoW) which indicates a poorly specced, geared, and skilled DPS warrior. Usually, they are found to be dwarves. Their characters' height is supposed to reflect on their intelligence. The shorter the Donagh, the dumber they are, according to studies done by twelve major colleges.
Player 1: Man, that warrior is such an idiot.
Player 2: You mean he's a Donagh.
Player 1: Haha, yeah. What a scrub.
by Hedrik February 09, 2008
A male walrus, otherwise known as Sollrus.
Person A: Dude, what is that animal?
Intellectual: A Sollus, or Sollrus. A male walrus.
by Hedrik March 01, 2008
A rogue on World of Warcraft who plays on Blackwater Raiders. The best rogue? Possibly. The sexiest rogue? Definately. She is out of your league.
Chump: *whistles* Wow, she's a babe.
Intellectual: She is Barenziah. She is out of your league.
by Hedrik March 01, 2008

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