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1 definition by Heddle

Most people would say that "Nu Rave" is a type of genre electronica/techno/pop/indie that bands like "Klaxons" would come under, others would say it's a way that people dress, which seems to consist of 80's era clothing, and bright, neon colours and stuff. The whole "Make Love Not War" T-shirt thing is also supposedly "Nu Rave".

Anyways..to the point. I personally think that Nu Rave is the new emo. Before everyone seemed to be obsessed with the whole emo thing and now all of a sudden New rave has come about. I dont think it's individual. I think it's boring. Don't get me wrong, i have nothing against people who catagorize themsleves, other people, or bands and stuff, i just dont like the whole "putting people into groups" thing.

In fact, i love bright colours, ive worn lots of bright colours for ages and now all of a sudden its a new trend. I just don't like trends thats all. They pass. Ah well..thanks for reading. xxx.
Nu Rave. I dont actually know what "examples" are. Im nuuu ti this.
by Heddle June 14, 2007
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