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When a male receives fellatio from a female who has her mouth filled with icy cold water.
"Dude, Sarah fully gave me a hydropump last night...I mean, it felt cool, but my dick shrivilled like a sundried prune..."
#fellatio #flibblegick #poopdeck #megapoo #pwnage
by Heckles June 26, 2007
1. The act when a male is intoxicated and has sexual intercourse with somebody, and half-way through, he sobers up, realising his partner's physical features represent a decomposing trout inside a balanese prostitute, and as a result the male's penis then becomes flacid.

2. Noun. A word to describe someone who is likely to cause flibblegicking.
1. "Man, after the pub I went to this chick's house, but then I totally sobered up and flibblegicked!"
2. "Dude, Sarah is a grade-A flibblegicker..."
#thunderclap #flacid #floppy #goonwhore #poonjab
by Heckles June 26, 2007
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