4 definitions by Heckler1

A woman who cant act but has large breasts and is in entertainment.
Pamela Sue Anderson was horrible in that movie, but get a load of her breats. She cant act, but she is a great racktress.
by Heckler1 December 15, 2006
A term of endearment for a good friend when your breaking his balls.
Hey mudwhistle, lets go to the pub and grab a few pints.
by Heckler1 February 15, 2006
mouth, pie-hole, cake-hole...the oral orrifice.
There, there son....shut your sob-hole. Everything will be fine.
by Heckler1 February 24, 2006
Bat dung; a term for breaking the balls of a friend
My god dude, you smell like batsquirt!
by Heckler1 February 15, 2006

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