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"Dingin' on"- verb, meaning to rag on, joke with, or generally mess with a person in a manner ment for the amusement of the dinger(s) through the confusion or emberrasment of the dingee. Usually it is not considered malicious to "ding" on somebody; this quickly changes with overuse or use with non-humerous topics or situations. Can also be used as a statement of incredulity or excitement.
1. Pete gave Clark a hard time about his black eye from the bar fight but Clark knew Pete was just dingin' on him.

2. Kate got fed up with Pete due to his constant dingin' about her lisp.

3. Guy 1. "That really pretty girl you met in Colorado is coming out to visit."
Guy 2. "Dude, are you dingin' on me?"

by Heck yes I'm JM August 18, 2006
To be generous with another persons' time, money, posessions or personal wherewithal in general. This may apply to (1) a person doing so for personal gain or ease or to (2) a person doing so for a third party.
"Hey, can you swing by tomorrow on your way to class and give me a ride to the mall?"
"Sure, you only live 15 minutes out of the way and the mall is totally only 40 blocks from the college. That's very tax and spend of you."

"Hey, I told the neighbors you could spend all next weekend demossing their roofs and cleaning gutters for them since they are going to be watching football."
"Thanks, man, I didn't have anything I would rather spend my weekend doing than getting chilled to the bone on a ladder for free. Don't tax and spend me like that!"
by Heck yes I'm JM November 05, 2008
A smallish west-coast city. Heavily populated with liberals and counterculturists, it is a Democrat city holding a Republican state hostage. Known to corrupt people once they move within the city limits, creating arrogant, rebellious youths who style themselves as revolutionaries and try to rebell against every possible institution. This has created widespread drawbacks and has caused the birth of many new ways to refer to the city, such as:
"Oregons' Cesspit."
In the end, Portland is a festering sore in the otherwise pristine Williamate valley.
"Hey, do you think this black mascara makes me look rebellious enough to go to the punk show tonight?"

"Hey, do you think if I put my bra on backwards I could start a trend?"

"Hey, do you like my new messenger bag? I was tired of my old one, it had a brand sticker on it and I felt like I was supporting some evil corporate empire, so I set it on fire in somebodies' mailbox."

"Dating Portland girls is like fishing in a ditch: if you do catch something, you're gonna need antibiotics."
by Heck yes I'm JM June 12, 2006

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