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Short for Fantastic Attack, which is a measure of how accurately an In The Groove player can hit the arrows. Usually measured by percent of steps that get the "Fantastic" rating, which is the highest.
I got a full combo but crappy FA, so it was only an S-.
by HeavyD2 August 24, 2008
A gesture that, in Australia, means "Up Yours!" and is likenable to the extended middle finger in America.
I'm from down under, so give this definition a thumbs DOWN if you like it, since the thumbs up is an insult here.
by HeavyD2 December 30, 2008
A term used by police to describe people they have caught driving 100 mph or faster.
The Century Club is on the rise, as more people want to see how fast their cars can go.
by HeavyD2 January 01, 2009

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