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This is when a woman shoves ice cubes up a guys ass. The cold sensations will cause the guy to lose his erection completely. This technique can be especially useful to help control males that suffer from premature ejaculation.
Heather's boyfriend was acting really cocky and bragging too much about himself so she gave him the Chinese Slot Machine while they were having sex causing him to shrink down to nothing.
by Heatherpleather November 21, 2006
A Chinese Torpedo is when a woman inserts a chopstick(s) into her anus prior to any sexual activity. During sexual activity she then shoots the chopsticks out of her anus during orgasm much like torpedos being fired from a submarine. Performing Chinese Torpedos results in great pleasure and intense orgasms for women skilled in the art of Chinese Torpedoing.
John couldn't believe how far Julie shot her Chinese Torpedos when he brought her to orgasm!
by HeatherPleather February 27, 2008
Pittsburgh Pepperoni is a fraternity prank frequently played on new pledges that are rushing a fraternity. It's origins is believed to be a popular college in downtown Pittsburgh, although it has recently become a popular prank across the country. To perform a Pittsburgh Pepperoni senior fraternity brothers shit on a tray or plate. Then they slice the shit up into slim slices and place it on top of a pepperoni pizza. The pizza is then served to new pledges after a long night of drinking.
Hondo: Hey you dudes have been drinking all night would you like some pizza?
New Pledge: Sure man that sounds great!
***The next morning***
New Pledge: Man, I have shitty taste in my mouth.
Hondo: Ha ha ha I bet you do, that pizza we served you last night was a Pittsburgh Pepperoni!!
New Pledge: *Barf* man I was wondering what all that brown stuff was that was stuck between my teeth.
by Heatherpleather March 21, 2008
Asian Delight occurs when an asian woman who has been sexually repressed by the unsatisfying, microscopic, asian penis finally has a chance to enjoy the penis of a man of another race i.e.(black, caucasin, or latino). She marvels at the size and the amazing enjoyment that is derived by being pleased by a substantially larger penis. This state of euphoria is often refered to as Asian Delight. After experiencing Asian Delight many Asian women vow never to entertain another Asian man again!
Quanlee just broke up with Wong last week and decided to go out to the bar and party. She got drunk and accidently went into the men's room where she saw several guys taking a piss. After seeing how much larger their penis' were than Wong's she imediately went into Asian Delight and let all of them fuck her there on the spot. Now she wants nothing to do with the tiny asian penis.
by Heatherpleather March 31, 2008
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