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someone who sucks on your dick & plays/sucks on/with your balls @ the same time
My fuckin nuts are sweaty as shit yo, that bitch was a cock baller. I think she even tryed to stick her finger up my ass, fuckin ho.
by HeatheRenee April 27, 2007
some one who insists that the two of you are playing phone tag, when in reality, he/she's the only one calling you. Pressed on somethin, I guess. Instead of using their name you could also call them "wa wa" cuz after a while (when you actually do pick up the phone to tell them to fuck off) they start sounding like Charlie Brown & shit (wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wa)
That bitch has called me five fucking times, today, that mo fucker is a phone tagger, sheeeeiiiiittt!
by HeatheRenee May 05, 2007
those 13 1/2 yr old myspace.com'ers who put on the sexy façade with the "gangsta gangsta" poses. w/ captions that read "This is me w/ no make-up" or "You know your man's hidin under my bed"
Giga hos & pixel pimps, speak easy. In other words: shut the fuck up.
by HeatheRenee April 27, 2007
the ignorant ass folks (ladies & "gentlemen") who buy into the shit of giga hos.
Those fuckin pixel pimps are always cosignin some giga ho bullshit.
by HeatheRenee April 27, 2007
(pronounced: skurple)

"(new) strange"; in reference to your new fuck; use in place of his/her name

Wonderful tool if you never caught the name ;)

This word must be said with your head cocked to the right & pointed down in shame (or in pride); kind of like when someone asks you what they just said (& you were so tentatively "listening") & you just mumble some shit under your breath that was in somewhat of the same tone they were speaking to you in.

Scurpble got a big 'ole dick!

by HeatheRenee April 10, 2007
some1 who fakes on a faker only to get back at a ho
Only reason roster-haed be fakin cuz I dun did that shit 1st; fuckin retali-hater!
by HeatheRenee September 02, 2007
attemptin to get ur broad of an (over-rated) friend to cum up w/ a new word son 4 tha sole purpose of urbandictionary.com publication
Shawty's stuck on my verbiage, son, be feenin tha new words; straight, buggin, spot-trottin my ass!
by HeatheRenee September 02, 2007

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