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When you smack your dick on a girls face as your cumming, usually after reaching climax from a blowjob.
Jeff: Yeah man I party smacked my bitch last night, she got soaked!!!

Tony: Thats crazy dude, she deserved it for giving you blue balls last time.
by Heat Bussa April 10, 2008
When you have diarrhea and the shit sticks to your ass crack hairs before you wipe it up.
George: I had such a nasty shit, even had some brown curly.

Bob: No Way!!! Did you check that shit out first before wiped it.
by Heat Bussa April 10, 2008
In non-circumzised men without a hard on and probably a small dick. Rolling the foreskin on your dick inwardly all the way, the cock gets pushed back into the scrotum hiding it.
Henry: I pulled some cock magic on my girl last night, its like the new mangina

Ajay: Dude, thats fucked up why did you try that.
by Heat Bussa April 10, 2008
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