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My space spam requests from porn stars, phone sex operators, etc. posing as "friends". Typically 18-21 and not interested in having children.
myswhores are getting so crafty, I can't tell them apart from actual women anymore!
by Heat* April 23, 2007
A woman who uses charm to seduce and then destroy a male specimen.
I didn't give her my number dude, she was a total sasscunt.
by Heat* April 23, 2007
A marijuana cigarette rolled with a torn out page of the Bible. Because of the inaccessibility of drug paraphernalia for teenagers and the fact that the texture of the paper is so similar to rolling papers, a Genesis is mostly popular among high school students who are given free pocket editions of the New Testament.
Lets hit a Genesis before my mom gets home from work.
by Heat* April 23, 2007
Accidental menstruation on public property including buses, restaurants etc. for an extended amount of time.
I like, way spaced on tampons and had to paint the town red today.
by Heat* April 23, 2007
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