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Tech on - A term used when you totally want to rock out, but are listening to electronic music rather than rock. Similar meaning to rock, rock on, rock out, etc. except that rock is much cooler.

It's also an Asian tech news thing, but the first definition is much cooler.
"Dude, this beat is totally awesome!"
"Tech on!"

"Man, put some trance on, I need to tech out."
by Heart Flame June 06, 2007
Greek for "This bath is too hot!"
A word for declaring discovery.
Archimedes (an ancient Greek man), got in his bath and saw that the water level rose, he figured this could be used to measure the volume of some objects, he was so excited that he streaked through the streets yelling "Eureka! I have found it!"
Eureka! I've got it! Pillage BEFORE you burn!
by Heart Flame October 02, 2007

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