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Every time I hear someone say the phrase "I'm not racist, but..." it's followed by something extremely racist and/or bigoted. Why do people say this? To cover their ass and make it look like they're not the budding neo-nazis that they really are? They say it as if they're so enlightened and open-minded that it's impossible for them to say anything offensive to anyone. It's almost as if they think it doesn't matter how racist they really are, they're off the hook if they prefix every prejudiced and ignorant remark with "I'm not racist." What's with racism anyway? I'm sick and tired of hearing people bitch about not having enough jobs, welfare, wax paper, dog food, whatever. It's nobody's fault but your own.

If you don't have a job and you can't get laid and you smell like cheese, it's your own damn fault, not the fault of some race X that's coming into the US and stealing all of our jobs. I love it how bigots use the "stealing our jobs" card when they're mulling over ways in which they can rationalize the insane bullshit they're spewing. They say "our" as if they're talking on behalf of anyone other than their lazy dead-beat ass that can't get a job. Notice how you never hear successful people bitch about race X that's "stealing our jobs?" That's because successful people couldn't care less; they already drive a Lexus, live in a mansion and pay the tuition of their lazy fatass kids to go to college. They don't need your dumbass preaching to the world about how bad you've had it. If you don't like the situation you're in, GET OFF OF YOUR DEAD ASS AND WORK.

Bottom line is, if you're a moron and you're going to say something bigoted, then just say it. Spare the "I'm not racist" rhetoric, everyone can see right through your bullshit.
racist morons came to this site in hopes of fueling their cause.


Back to how much I rule...
by He who shall not be named x2 June 25, 2005

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