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A gurning chimp, whose knuckles are permanently grazed from dragging along the floor. Maintains a permanently vacant expression, which is used to lure in the ladies. Unfortunately the effect is short-lived and can lead to female knees connecting with Mugridge gonads.
Look at that space-monkey over there, what a complete mugridge
by He who must not be memed November 09, 2011
Obsolete version of previously useful appliance, perhaps because it was replaced by a new model or just became irrelevant over time. Starts off being very popular, but pretty quickly becomes an embarrassment, is pushed into a corner or the back of a closet and never mentioned again. Tends to start whining uncontrollably regardless of which button you press.
Yeah son, that was called a Soda Stream/Stylophone/walkman, obviously these days it's just a moone.
by He who must not be memed November 16, 2011
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