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A Line used by President Bush and every single Neo-Con out there, to make the case that it wasn't our meddling around in Mid-East affairs that caused Muslim-Extremist to hate us, but that our "Freedoms" somehow managed to piss them off.
Osama Bin Laden said it was our involvement in the Middle East that turned him against America, but President Bush said it was because, They hate us for our Freedom.
A militant Zionist who says "Bitch Please" to everything.
Some son of a bitch was talking shit about Israel, so I decided to go all Ashborn on his ass.
pure hate. Especially, hatred of Taxes, liberals, Bloomberg, poor people, God, taxes again, Hill-dog. Great believer in Social Darwinism.
Stalin really hated things, but not CITARELLA hated. That was too much for him.
by he who doesn't want to be named February 29, 2008
The art of being angry constantly, usually requiring an armless chair, a pack of Marbloro reds, and a playstation one.
You know what, I was thinking about being happy today, but I decided being Lillibridge is the way to go.
by he who doesn't want to be named February 29, 2008
Huge supporter of Hillary Clinton, like pyschotic obsession.

Especially loves her Health Care Plan.
I like to think of myself as a BIG Hillary Clinton supporter, but not a MCCANDLESS Hillary Clinton supporter. Thats just fucking nuts.
by he who doesn't want to be named February 28, 2008

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