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Full name - Salvatore Ferragamo
A kick-ass Italian designer brand. Theire products include clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, eye-wear and perfume.
Ferragamo is known for its prestige and top-of-the-range quality
Salvatore Ferragamo began its line in mid '20s
by He's the boxman September 25, 2006
When you wake up the morning after a party and notice someone (usually the ugliest guy/girl you've seen in your entire life) sleeping next to you, spooning you.
WTF?? I've been spoon raped!
by He's the boxman September 28, 2006
A vietnamese style martial arts, formed in Vietnam in the late 1960's.
Vovinam is a famous Vietnamese martial art was found by Grand master Nguyen Loc . According to a self revolution's tendency, Master Nguyen Loc brought the martial arts technique, self-esteem, discipline , and oriental philosophy together to form Vovinam. The principle of hard and soft were put together to become main fighting technique of Vovinam martial arts.
- Vovinam's activities are aimed at helping youth to build confidence, and self defense.
- Vovinam is a large family. Members love and respect to each other that would strengthen the Vovinam's discipline. The bonding of disciples raises Vovinam reputation.
- Vovinam members always participate and maintain the supporting for youth's health and knowledge.
- Vovinam is not a political or religious group but do not prevent any of the member doing their own politic or religion.
- Vovinam respects other martial arts.
by He's the boxman September 24, 2006
A hang out place, where sluts go to hang out and do slutty things - usually with their boyfriends.
Omg, the cinemas was a total slutgarden today ~
by He's the boxman September 29, 2006
An awesome suburb in Melbourne, by the bay.
The bay/beach is quite nice during summer, but tends to get a bit smelly during wnter, due to the amount of dried up seaweed left on the sand.
It's an awesome place to live, but
A: dude, where are you going tonight?
B: Altona, man. Where else would I want to be?
A: Aight, ma bad
by He's the boxman September 15, 2006
possibly THE best chocolate in existence.
Manufactured by the Australian chocolate manufacturer, Nestle.
Also possibly the most popular showbag sold at The Show.
I want a Bertie Beetle showbag!!
by He's the boxman September 24, 2006
E.M.E.T.I.B ...now reverse it
emetib. got that? good. now reverse it.
by He's the boxman September 19, 2006
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