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1. A college graduate of Liberal Arts from an accredited university.

2. Someone possessing a Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate Degree in anthropology, archeology, foreign language, geo-politics, history, philosophy, psychology, political science, religion, sociology, ect.

3. One who can articulate their thoughts and ideas through a well-written essay or speech but cannot apply any of it to real life situations.

4. A person all the architects, biologists, chemists, computer scientists, engineers, physicists, ect., think are fools and should to be applying themselves to a career/major that's actually productive and not a waste of time and money.

5. Someone who thinks an idea such as Indian Giving is a good idea.

6. A politician.

7. A party pooper.
Is Dennis coming to the party?

Parties bore Dennis because he's a certified intellectual. He's probably reading The Prince or The Communist Manifesto again...

by Hcet Ainigriv April 17, 2009

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