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E, a street-term for MDMA. Short for Ecstasy or Ecstacy. Otherwise known as XTC, E-bomb,X, and many others. Known for it's uplifting feeling, it does have long-term effect such as holes in your spine, brain, and also discontent. People sell DXM & LSD as Ecstasy. Street prices run from 8-25$, and can have pretty little designs to make you want to buy them. Such a Mercedes, Buddha, and all other fun things. Commonly known as a 'rave' drug, but you could use it anywhere. People take it just to get girls numbers, but it's harder for a man to get an erection on E. Drink wanter if taking it, but be very careful not to over-drink people. Avoid taking a shower for a long period of time, temperatures change. The biggest effect of Ecstasy is .. How do you say .. Loving(ness.) You will have an urge to hug people, trust me.
Yo, hookitup on the downlow.
Need some E, fool -- Shit.
by Hazey February 13, 2004

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