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When two people kiss after eating chocolate - in this way the kiss is like a truffle and has a lovely chocolate taste.
"Do you want to truffle kiss?"
"I saw those two kool kats truffle kissing the other day."
"Hershey's chocolate is the best to truffle kiss with."
by Hazelnutmegan December 28, 2006
The semi-sick, semi-high feeling you get when taking NyQuil as a sick person during winter just to stay semi-coherant. This feeling may make you believe you feel 10x better than you actually are and allow you to get in a full day's work, a load of laundry done, and several home repairs finished before falling into a bone- weary heap on your bed.
Betty: "Aren't you going to go home sick? You looked awful yesterday."
Jean: "Nope - I'm on a NyQuil High - I'm not going home until 6pm!"


Semester finals were coming up and was sick as a dog, so I got on a NyQuil High and studied all night long.
by Hazelnutmegan December 31, 2006

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