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A person with a doomsday attitude. Someone who always thinks there is "something in the air." A Toratti will constantly complain and rarely finds something positive to say. A relative of the "Negative Nancy." Also known to "pull a Marquez" from time to time.

Note: Although a Toratti tends to have some backstab/gossip tendencies, do not confuse a Toratti with the much more gabby "Santelli."
Man, Eric really brought me down today with all his negative attitude...sometimes he can be such a Toratti.
by Haywood Jablumpkin December 25, 2007
The act of being black to your friends/relatives.
I got drunk and pulled a bmaras last night.
by Haywood Jablumpkin September 23, 2007
The act of slapping the ass of a member of the same sex, but to avoid the cloud of homosexuality, after the ass slap you say "good game." Using this phrase will thereby negate any homosexual connotations, according to the ChickenHawk.
I was in team yesterday, and this mohawked motherfucker gave me a "good game."
by Haywood Jablumpkin April 11, 2009
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