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Pansy Parkinson is a fictional character in the Harry Potter series and is in Slytherin...Pansy is a fugly slut and thinks that Draco fancies her but he only took her to the yule ball because she was his last resort and he new that she is such an asswipe that she'd say yes.Her parents obviously called her Pansy because the deffinition for Pansy is a wimp or a prat (she is one!)
If I was in the Harry Potter series, I'd be in slytherin,going out with draco,but still be friends with Hermione and me and her would beat Pansy up!!!!!!!!!!
Hayley(me) and Hermione had both cornered Pansy.
Hayley:Fukin go near Draco again bitch,i'll fuck you up!
Pansy Parkinson:I didn't go near him I swear!
Hayley:Draco told me you did!He said you tryed to make out with him you fukin Hoe!
Hermione:I say we beat her up now!!
by Hayley (Draco's sex kitten) December 30, 2006
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