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1 definition by Haydie

A respectable genre, that combines the heavy musical structure of hardcore with more melodic vocals. Post Hardcore generally contains the same guitar structure as hardcore, for example; the breakdown. This Genre is in no way another way of classifying 'emo'. And doing so would illustrate ones ignorance in relation to this branch of alternative music. Although post hardcore often contains, emotional lyrics.

Some post hardcore bands:

-a skylit drive
-Behind Crimson Eyes (good aussie band)
-Drop Dead, Gorgeous
-Escape The Fate
-The Fall of Troy (experimental)
-From Autumn to Ashes
-The getaway plan (good aussie band)
-Protest the Hero
-Story of the Year

Some hardcore/Metalcore bands:

-Bring Me the Horizon
-Destroy the Runner
-Haste the Day
-I Killed The Prom Queen (aussie hardcore, GETSOME!)
-Mortal Treason
-Parkway Drive (aussie hardcore)
emo kid: omg taking back sunday are so post-hardcore!!

post hardcore kid: *round house kick*
by Haydie February 23, 2007