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Since some definitions here are a little old, here's the 2010 edition to the definition of "role play"

A kid, usually from middle school to young adult (23 is usually the cut off age now adays) who use someone's pictures, such as a site model, actress, artist, etc and create a character from a book series, TV series, or they start a character from scratch.

Role players are usually hated, but many people (Including role players themselves) think that the perpose is the profile editing, making layouts, editing pictures, creating a story, etc. REAL role players intentions are not to steal peoples pictures and claim to be them. A lot of role players actually ask permission from the person they take pictures from.

I'm not siding with a role player or with a person against role play. I've very nuetral on this topic. But role players are commonly mistaken for fakes. Hopefully I've helped fix that.
myspace role play is commonly mistaken for fakes. Mhmm.
by Haydephobiaaa August 13, 2010

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