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how badly one failed, in terms of a 1-10 number system
"So how badly did Bryon trip?"
"I'd say it had a failitude of 6; 8 if you include the fact that his head hit the wall."
by Hawkedizzle October 29, 2008
the measurement of the amount of fail that one has performed, or has been performed on you; typically can only reach a certain amount of failitude per day
"Did you hear what happened? Bryon totally tripped and face-planted into the wall!"
"Wow...that one action just made him hit max failitude for the day."
by Hawkedizzle October 29, 2008
an exclamation used when confused, or when reiterating the stupidity of a comment
(while staring at a 10 foot mask)
Person A: "This appears to be some sort of mask."
Perso B: "ABUH?! Really?!"
by Hawkedizzle October 29, 2008
to moogle (moo-gul) *verb* - to excitedly claim "Kupo" and/or any variation of it.
Jeremy: The new Final Fantasy came out! Kupopo!
Braden: Did you just moogle?
Jeremy: Er..no....kupo...
by Hawkedizzle March 26, 2012
A vampire that says "omnomnom" when sucking the blood of its victims.
Victim: "Oh god! Someone help me! There's a vamp- ughhh"
Nompire: (sucks blood) "OMNOMNOM!"
by Hawkedizzle June 27, 2010

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