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5 definitions by Hawkedizzle

how badly one failed, in terms of a 1-10 number system
"So how badly did Bryon trip?"
"I'd say it had a failitude of 6; 8 if you include the fact that his head hit the wall."
by Hawkedizzle October 29, 2008
an exclamation used when confused, or when reiterating the stupidity of a comment
(while staring at a 10 foot mask)
Person A: "This appears to be some sort of mask."
Perso B: "ABUH?! Really?!"
by Hawkedizzle October 29, 2008
the measurement of the amount of fail that one has performed, or has been performed on you; typically can only reach a certain amount of failitude per day
"Did you hear what happened? Bryon totally tripped and face-planted into the wall!"
"Wow...that one action just made him hit max failitude for the day."
by Hawkedizzle October 29, 2008
to moogle (moo-gul) *verb* - to excitedly claim "Kupo" and/or any variation of it.
Jeremy: The new Final Fantasy came out! Kupopo!
Braden: Did you just moogle?
Jeremy: Er..no....kupo...
by Hawkedizzle March 26, 2012
A vampire that says "omnomnom" when sucking the blood of its victims.
Victim: "Oh god! Someone help me! There's a vamp- ughhh"
Nompire: (sucks blood) "OMNOMNOM!"
by Hawkedizzle June 27, 2010