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The girl in the sinful shirts ad on the left...
Goddamn she is buff! Nice legs.
by Hawke September 02, 2005
Classic rock making dicks like mcfly and busted whjo are really shit look reeeaaallly shit
Metallica aswell me fellow rockers arrrh
by Hawke January 28, 2005
For those of you who who say he is very talented, you are hopelessly wrong. In Green Day songs there is something that is missing out of most 'rock' music today. Solos! The true essence of metal. Green Day rarely have any of these and when they do they are pathetic. Green Day were once good. Now they are Pop-Punk sell out's. How can all you bitchez say he's the 'sexiest man on earth' he damn well wears eyeliner the gay! Most of there songs are SO easy to play! Just listen to 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' dun dun CHA. dun dun CHA. A five year old could play that. You bitchez need to get a life man,'stead of idolling over someone your NEVER going to have. The lead singer should have had his name changed to Billie Joe 'Three Chord' Armstrong.
Please don't get me start about Billie Joe Armstrong. Make that 'Three Chord' Armstrong.
by Hawke September 13, 2005
A vastly overrated bvand always ont he radio with crappy lyrics such as somebody told me that you had a boyfriend about love and they suck listen to real heavy rock - Metallica
Hey I heard the killers the other day, THEY SUCKED
by Hawke March 02, 2005
Truly awful band who got bottle in redding '04. He is the ugliest cunt if I ever saw one, and they are shit guitarists and have easy notes. They cannot sing and should go back to finland with the ugly twat who has a birds nest in his hair. Don't you get it!! Noone likes them you sad twats!!
rasmus:Ahahahaaaaaahaohaohaohao >click< *Turns off radio*
by Hawke April 16, 2005
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