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While playing Beer Pong, after one team has sunk the ball into their opponents last cup, the opponents then get one more shot to save themselves.
The host of the party/purchaser of the beer/other appointed beer pong authority reserves the right to suspend the rebuttal rule.
We thought they had us, but we got the rebuttal and won it.
by hawie July 11, 2006
A combination of the words 'done' and 'punished'. Used largely in urban areas to describe one's state of mind usually after comsuming marijuana or alcohol.
That kid was straight dunished at Troy's party last weekend.
by Hawie July 09, 2006
A nickname for Morning Glory, a plant whose seeds contain LSA (A relative of LSD). Users ingest the seeds orally to hallucinate.
Most users expierence nausea, diziness, heavy limbs, and in some cases, leg cramps.

In order to help you fully grasp the effects, I've compiled actual testimony from people who have tripped on them:

"I closed my eyes, and everything looked like a cartoon drawing. Then I looked at {a friend} and he had transformed into Yosemite Sam."

"I was staring at my ceiling, and all of a sudden I saw an ocean. A bird came down from the sky, picked a fish up out of the ocean, and flew away."

"They were speaking gibberish, but it was like I was watching a foreign film because I saw subtitles. I was reading what they were saying, but they really werent saying anything!"

"I was looking at this trippy thing on the computer when it reached out and almost touched my nose."

"The floor was waving and bubbling."

"I looked up at the ceiling, and the walls started to stretch. It was like they were melting or something."

"We got in his car, and it felt like it was rolling backwards. It was in park, the parking brake was on, and his foot was on the brake pedal, and it still felt like it was moving. Then the tree in front of us tried to grab me, so I ran back inside the house."

Glory trips are freaky, so be careful.
Them Glory seeds fucked me up.
by Hawie July 11, 2006

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