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Comes from the two names "Sasuke" and "Naruto". Naruto is a Japanese anime. Two of the main characters (Sasuke and Naruto) is regarded by many fans to be a great couple. Seeing as they both have so much sexual tension between them.
Does anyone have any Sasunaru pictures?
by Havok September 30, 2004
Really awesome band. Sounds sorta like a Canadian AFI.
Billy Talent rocks.
by Havok January 17, 2004
1. finger

First occurrence:

>be in pre-school
>have a girl who I sort of have a crush on
>have nap time every day
>one day during nap time I lay next to her
>neither of us sleep and I fenter her mouth the whole time
>after nap time go to play in a tent at the pre-school
>finger he mouth some more in there.
>do this many times
"I fentered her so hard!"
by HavoK December 13, 2012
came from the computer game Sango Fighter from the character Xia Hou Dun. It was originally used as an exclamation or acknowledgement of sorts, but has been gradually progressed to mean anything. It can be a verb, noun, or adjective. If you're at a loss of words, just replace whatever you wanted to say with "hor hor hor"

can be shortened to "horhor"
A: (some random comment)
B: hor hor hor!
by havok March 21, 2005
A young Norwegian boy who is seriusly scary when he plays DDR. He is ranked 3rd best in Europe (according to DDREurope.com).
Look at Snute's feet go!
by Havok September 30, 2004
Mai Act Virgin King - used to describe someone who acts like he's all innocent when he's actually the dirtiest bastard around
A: I would never do a one night stand
B: MAVK lah!
by havok March 21, 2005
Bad typo of the word "slut" by the village idiot John Chan
<_o_> Yo slaaaaats!!!!
by havok March 26, 2005
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