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A vagina that has been eaten out, by a man who had recently consumed large amounts of orange soda (Minute Maid for life) causing the vagina to turn orange
hey did you see that fine ass bitch on the street, Jamal ate her out, you know jamal that fool drinks more orange soda than Kel. He gave that bitch oompaloompapussy
by Haviv And Kenny August 23, 2004
A man who can gladly take one up the ass, and is still strong enough to kick ur ass.
Damn look at that toughfruit, I bet i could shove a 16 inch Pickle up his ass and he could still benchpress Daniel and David combined (200+ lbs).
by Haviv And Kenny August 23, 2004
A feeling of pure chillax (chill + relax), after several good jerk'ins in the same 4 hour period
Hey did you hear about Carl, he wacked the weasel 12 times in one day. I saw him he was so jerkafied. After his session he played SlipN'Slide in his room
by Haviv And Kenny August 23, 2004
A rare disorder, in which case, a large fart-like noise is produced upon the process of inhaling through the nose.
OMG.... did you hear Daniel Carnie has grundelitis. Everytime he breathes i put my hand over my nose as a reflex.
by Haviv And Kenny August 23, 2004
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