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N. 1.a rather unattractive person, usually obese.
2.One's group of friends.

Adj. 1.the act of doing something foul.
2.being greedy or selfish.
A.J.: "Hey look at this hog thats coming around the corner."

Matt: "Tom went to a party full of girls and didn't tell us about it."
Braden: "Thats hog."

Tom:(answering phone call)"What's up you disgusting hog?"
by Haven Squad September 01, 2008
V. The act of having intercourse

N. A particular set of buttock on females.
Matt: "Where did you disappear to last night?"
Tom: "Oh was I smashing cheeks?"
Matt: "I know it"

Braden: "I love being at the beach, there are cheeks everywhere!"
by Haven Squad September 01, 2008

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