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(noun) (Zi-lee) A self-absorbed teenage girl obsessed with becoming popular through a filtered life. She will do anything to be well liked by her peers including but not limited to inviting herself to parties, creating rumors about her perceived rivals, and wearing her older sister's party clothes.
Person 1: Did you hear what Ziley said about Chloe? Person 2: Yes, she likes to create rumors because she is envious of Chloe's successes. Person 1:Poor Ziley, despite how hard she tries, she doesn't have real friends.
by Havannah January 14, 2014
(noun) (Can-dee) A voluptuous woman with curves like Shakira, breasts like Scarlet Johansson, ass like J-Lo's, and a face like Megan Fox's. This woman can get any man/woman she wants and she knows it. When she walks into a room, wives check to see if their husbands are looking.
John: I'm going to have Candy in my bed tonight.
Andrew: You lucky bastard, make sure to call the dentist!
John: Oh yeah, she will open wide.
by Havannah January 14, 2014
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