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Booger + balloon; a booger that is full of air like a balloon.
Joe's booger blew up like a balloon, and dried that way!
It was the biggest boogerloon I'd ever seen.
by Hauling Handyman June 21, 2009
any number of items used as a dildo.
Jan's fauxcock is a cucumber.
by Hauling Handyman October 25, 2008
1. Fake breast(s) either by implant, tissue or by other stuffing means.
2. Breast reduction; (rare usage)
3. Plastic Breast purchased as a novelty item for a lark.
4. Drag Queens and Transvestites that make there breasts appear to look like a woman's tits.
5. Something that looks like a tit; like a breast shaped mountain.
1. Mary: "Do my fauxtits feel real?"
2. Poor Dolly, got fauxtits to aid her back pain.
3. Frank bought some fauxtits at the costume shop.
4. John taped his tits together to get some cleavage then stuffed his shirt and got some real nice fauxtits.
5. "Witches Tit" Mountain is the biggest fauxtit I know of.
by Hauling Handyman October 25, 2008
A bloody tampon
Mary pulled out her red rat and tossed it in the next stall.
by Hauling Handyman October 25, 2008
1. A place,(Lane)to insert your Sausage.
2. A bun, for a Sausage.
3. A vagina, for a Sausage.
4. A vagina, for a Penis. NOT Anus,
for a Penis, that's Hershey Highway.
5. A Street, (Lane) named Sausage,
Sausage Lane
6. A Lady or Gentleman named:
Lane Sausage; in reverse.
7. A Fictitious Bowling Alley.
8. A Lane that Sausages travel down.

1. Me: "Put them in Sausage Lane."

You: "What's that?"

Me: "The refrigerator, and the Cupboard
for the smoked ones."

2. "I need a 'Sausage Lane' for my Hot

3. Sister Mother Mary was caught with a
Sausage in Sausage Lane.

4. "Aw man, I needs ta gets me some
Sausage Lane real bad!

5. "...then turn right on Sausage Lane
and go about 1/4 mile..."

6. "Sausage, Private Sausage, Lane."

7. "...so come on down to 'Sausage Lane'
bowl a few frames, and get a bite to
eat this Friday night."

8. "...after the sausages are injected into casing they travel down, what we call 'Sausage Lane'."

by Hauling Handyman October 27, 2008
N.M.E. (sounds like enemy)
Natural Male Enhancement
Sue is my N.M.E.
by Hauling Handyman October 26, 2008

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