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The most spectacular curry ever made!! Usually from people who have made it many times and are master chefs or own their own small restaurant. Originated from fergie's song 'Fergalicious' (where the icious came from)
Damn, have you went to that new bakery on Vancouver Island? They serve a mean currylicious bun!

Dude 1:Try my curry, its so currylicious you will never go back to anyone else's curry ever again!

Dude 2: Dude, you're right, the curry just melts right in my mouth! Currylicious!

by Hatin February 24, 2009
When a middle eastern passes by and all of a sudden you smell this strong curry scent from behind them.

no racism meant, just explaining the word.
Dude 1:"Dude, I just smelt swoosh! from somewhere..."

Dude 2: "It was that indian girl's swoosh passing by, gave me a headache"

no racism meant, just explaining the word
by Hatin February 24, 2009

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