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A person of the Islamic faith that worship Allah. They are now being negatively stereotyped by the average American.
Americans are now believing that all people from the middle east are muslim, and that all muslims are terrorists that want to destroy America. Let them build the mosque near Ground Zero. It's complete bullshit to discriminate against a whole religion for what a minority of them( the extremists) do or have done
1. Racist American: look at the Middle-Eastern guy, he's probably Muslim, and he's probably going to blow himself up soon.
Me(while shaking head):You really need to stop believing everything people tell you.
by HatersGon'Hate February 05, 2011
1. Apparently, the sport with the most homophobic haters.
2. America's pasttime, played with nine players, 1 pitcher, one catcher, 4 infielders, and 3 outfielders.

Gets a bad rep because of all of the MLB players that have taken steroids.
Example of definition 1: Definitions I have seen for baseball

"Gay-ass sport" "sport that is only played by fags" et cetera
Example of definition 2: Baseball only has a bad reputation because of its professional players
by HatersGon'Hate February 05, 2011
1. Happy
2. Homosexual
3. (adj.) insult that has been changed to be synonymous with "stupid" Is beginning to be overused like "fail" and "reatard" Originating from the Homophobia of the average teenager.
1. You seem rather gay today.
2. I have no problem with Insert name here is gay, as long as there are no sexual advances made upon me.
3. Teenager: This couch is so gay.

Intelligent person: How in any way is that homosexual or happy
by HatersGon'Hate February 05, 2011
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