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just about the most boring place to live. This is a very good school district that attracts not so good people. Good down town area filled with nice little restaurants where kids from Middle and High School spend their parents money after school. Besides the fact that a lot of the kids in the school are pretty snobby, there are a few small friend groups filled with individuals who are down to earth and very nice people. The school year consists of many nice little vacations (thanks to the Jewish Holidays!) and well spaced out breaks (i.e winter break, spring break) all within a month of eachother. The football team for the high school is pretty bad, but people still support it anyway. the soccer team is really good.
Home and Property: the property here is very expensive because of the great school district. There are a few appartment complexes which are nice to live in. Taxes are VERY high here and so is the school lunch.
Drug of Choice is Alcohol and weed.
Millbun Snob: Hey, Omagawd! do you like...totally want to waste my unlimited supply of money from my dads credit card on insanely expensive items?
Normal person: uhh..sure
Snob: like Omagawd we can smoke weed after that!
Normal: uhh...ok. i guess. i wish i didnt move to Millburn
by Hater2010 January 03, 2009

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