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13 definitions by Hater

a group of low life wigga's-who wish they lived in the city- but they live in Miller Place Long Island- and get this....

their all WHITE....
by hater September 12, 2003
A lame griefer from Earth and Betond, who does nothing but grief people, and should burn in hell.
Icesong is a griefer.
by Hater October 03, 2003
An insult to Chinese people who act gangsta.
Yo you dirty chinese CHIGGA
by hater September 12, 2003
Particularly whiny breed of pop-punk losers.
A big hit with the teenyboppers
What is this crap?
New Found Glory
by Hater November 29, 2003
A person who never leaves their room due to fear of sunlights, finds taking computers apart and reasembling them enjoyable, uses the cd drive as a cup holder and quotes everything thats even remotely funny. Has a fetish for Star wars
Shaun is a geek..Yes you know who im talking about its so you..
by Hater October 23, 2003
Faggot store. Only preps and guys who like stuffing mushroomheads into there anal cavity.
Any one who wears A&F is a faggot!
by HATER March 01, 2005