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A woman who makes this New Age-y music and also worked on the Lord of The Rings soundtrack. Atom (from Atom & His Package) wrote a good song about her, it's called "Pumping Iron For Enya". Also, she is a pretty lady.
I'm not too hot on that Enya's music, but she sure is beautiful!
by Hatebear May 09, 2003
Alternate term for PMS. Term was coined by Mortimer A. London when I was bitching at him and he said "That's just your period rage talking."
I don't feel like arguing, why don't you just call me once you're over your period rage.
by Hatebear August 13, 2003
TSOL was/is a great punk band from Orange County. They've been around for a LONG time and still put on great shows.

Top 3 albums:
#1 - Beneath The Shadows
#2 - Dance With Me
#3 - Weathered Statues

Related: Jack Grisham is/was running for California governor for the 10/07/03 recall election.

And to that "Davey Havok" kid posting here, get your facts straight! TSOL is NOT an East Coast band. Bleh!
I saw TSOL at The Glass House and the crowd went nuts for Code Blue.
by Hatebear August 13, 2003
An alternate to saying "vending machine". This was created in 1998 when my friend and I decided the english language needed to be re-written. So USE it! Pass it on! Words are CHANGING!!!
That piece of shit vendeling muhcheen ate my dollar! TYPICAL!
by Hatebear May 09, 2003

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