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1. That nigga thats always broke, looks at everyone while they're ordering and eating, sits down creeping on them till someone offers food and/or money.

2. Comes with you knowing he doesn't have money in hopes he gets something.

3. Never has money to buy stuff for himself.
Chris: Yo lets goto McDonalds.
Gustavo: Aight brah lets go.
*un-invited guest*: Am down.
Chris and Gustavo continue eating while the un-invited stares.
Chris: You have money
*un-invited guest*: Nah, am not hungry.
Gustavo: Yo you that one broke nigga your bum ass get outta here.
by Hastis August 31, 2011
1. That filler statement you wanna use when you feeling stupid.

2. When you feeling confident and you got that shit on lock and your unstoppable.

3. When you know your gonna achieve that goal.

4. Ackward conversation filler.
Chris: Yo you went in.
Gustavo: Of course I did I went Boom-Boom in the Vroom-Vroom
by Hastis September 06, 2011

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