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Virginia Run is a suburb located on the outskirts of Centreville VA next to a farm and a rock quarry. Virginia Run is where white people live to get away from the blacks and many illegal immigrants who also live in Centreville.

The area is a typical tract housing suburban development. Some of Virginia Runs houses are typical 3-4 bedroom tract houses, and some are typical McMansion developments. Residents of Virginia Run are proud of their McMansions with 7 bedrooms for their 2.4 kids and their 3-4 car garages with their 2-3 cars. They are also proud of their lawns which constitute a ¼ acre plot of land mostly filled with the sprawling monstrosity of a house with a surrounding 1 foot wide border of grass constituting the yard.

The houses were built with square footage and large looking appearance being the prime factors not quality or style. All the houses exhibit the typical mass produced “cookie cutter” corner cutting methods: only 3-4 different styles of houses that repeat every 3-4 houses, brick front treatment but vinyl siding on the sides and back, window shutters only on the fronts with bare frames on the back and sides.

Residents are almost all extremely bourgeoisie and kitschy. Their McMansions are filled with Country Americana décor from gingham seat covers, couches, and table cloths to paintings on saw blades to tacky wallpaper to frilly wooden dolls to Thomas Kinkade paintings, flanked by 60” TV sets and surround sound systems. The epitome of classless and style-less conspicuous consumption. Many residents also own a Lexus ES class, which everyone knows is just a dressed up Toyota Camry.

Virginia Run residents belong to the upper middle class populace (just like the rest of white northern VA residents) but somehow think that they are more than that. What they fail to realize is that by living in an undesirable area, the boonies/sticks, 30 miles away from culture, means they increase their buying power, not actual wealth.

Despite the fact that residents pretend to be rich, they worry immensely about the property value of their McMansions, so much that they have selected ridiculously strict home owners association rules that regulate everything and will give owners a written notice or fine if their garage doors are left open or they have a moveable basketball net setup in the street or if their 20 square feet of grass isn’t meticulously maintained less the property value of their houses decline.
Virginia Run residents don’t understand that Great Falls and Old Town Alexandria is where upper middle class people in VA live with taste.

Virginia Run residents who think they know what rich is have never been to Manhattan NY or Greenwich CT.
by Hassssss November 06, 2007

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