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The act of drinking beer during lunch on a work day and going back to work with a buzz.
I need a drink. I think I'll pull a Kevin for lunch.
by Hassan Ben Sober May 06, 2011
That "one last beer" at lunch before heading back to work.

See: "Pull a Kevin"
"How 'bout a daycap before we head back?"
by Hassan Ben Sober August 12, 2011
Good quality craft beers made available at the beginning of a Beer Swap/Tasting for guests to enjoy before the official Tasting begins.
"We're still waiting for a few more people. Would you care for a prebeer in the meantime?"
by Hassan Ben Sober December 12, 2011
Combination of Late Lunch and Liquid Lunch.
It's almost quittin' time and I haven't eaten anything. Do you want to grab a latequid lunch?
by Hassan Ben Sober March 25, 2013
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