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a muslim is someone who tries to live a moderate life.excessive liberalism or extremism is not justified.the only way extremists can find justification for their actions is by twisting the words of the holy quran to suit their ends. the quran has hundreds of interpretations, many of which are insulting and biased. I belive urbandictionary.com's quotes from the quran are predominantly deal with chapters on war and crime. even then their translation, which does not state any one translation version, is extremely unfair, becuase it epicts muslims as savage backwards beasts. I would appreciate it if this website could find more moderat and mainstream translations from the native arabic. backwater people like "decisive action" are the real perpetrators. Read his weak argument based completly on uneducated sterotypes. This man is most lickley a uneducated white supremist from a trailer park. I do not appreciate your crude comment, words like these only serve to inflame hatred and ignorance. If people would actually go out and meet a true muslim, they would find that we are nt moochers or terrorits, just as jews arent selfish conspirists.
continuation of diolouge by decisive action

i fyou are giong to group all white poepel together and all muslim people together, then you would owe the Thousands of african american's reperations for the evil of salvery, of the native americans the land you so savagly took from them, you would owe the jews back thier sacred temple, and you would owe Iraq all of its stolen oil.
ignorant person (decisive action):
im sorry i said those hurtfull words and motivated you to write this impassionate response, but that does not mean that we too can not change.
by Hasan Khan September 30, 2005
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