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Bedouin Soundclash is a Canadian rock band from Toronto. They originated as a college band at Queen's University in Kingston. Their sound can be described as a mix of reggae and rock. Some influences frequently cited by the band are The Police, The Clash and Bob Marley.

The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Jay Malinowski, bassist Eon Sinclair and drummer Pat Pengelly.

The band released its debut album, Sounding a Mosaic, in 2004. That album's single "When the Night Feels My Song" was the band's breakthrough single on Canadian radio, charting in the Top 10 on CFNY and gaining airplay on commercial radio stations throughout Canada in the summer of 2005. Also that summer, Bedouin Soundclash appeared on the Vans Warped Tour bill.
person1: hey did you hear that new BSC song?
person2: ...
person1: i know!! it is simply too good for words.
person2: yaa! canadian rock bands are amazing!! i love bedouin soundclash!
by HarveysPimp August 30, 2005
57 15
The act of holding in a fart you’re about to expel, in order to avoid obvious and general embarrassment. Usually they still squeeze out but with no sound and not as deadly.
Guy1: “omg last night with my gf I was holding in the biggest bomb when we were making out.”
Guy2: “you should have dropped that shit Hiroshima style.”
Guy1: “dude I like this girl, trust me I was sclenching mad… as soon as she left though my room smelt like Indian food cooking over burning hair with some garbage on top.”
by HarveysPimp September 11, 2005
27 3
Someone whom is so unbelievably incoherent and incompetent, that you are simply unable to withstand them. This usually occurs with someone you have to work with or be with for a long period of time.
Guy: “ughh I can’t work with Mike anymore he’s an idiot.”
Girl: “Okay let’s try to get him fired.”
Guy: “Should be easy he’s freaking incomperstandable.”
by HarveysPimp September 11, 2005
19 1
pretty much the same meaning as the word asshole, but with more definition, and more demeanor, but not as evil in a sense. Jasshole is used in times of when friends or relatives want to joke with one another and not actually call the intended person an actual asshole.
Example 1: playing the card game asshole
Guy1: haha i'm president sucka
Guy:2 yea im neutral.. whos ass?
Guy3: i think Chris is
Guy1: haha jasshole gimmie your best cards.
by HarveysPimp April 06, 2005
22 7
The inability to spend your money, or use money responsibly.
Girl: “so I bought another shirt today…it was only $300.00”
Guy: “wow your so irespenseable with your money.”
Girl: “I can’t help it!”
by HarveysPimp September 10, 2005
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Harveys is similar to a mcdonalds, where service is given to fat people(s) in the form of fatty, fast food, for a fairly, fair amount of money. This trend usually becomes most popular on a holiday or weekend. However latley hanging out at the nearest "fast food joint" has become cool, so the number of customers has been increasing steadily. (try the angus burger)
Guy 1: yo dawg wanna go get some burgs?
Guy 2: ya mang whurr u wanna go?
Guy 1: lets hit up that mcyd's
Guy 2: fux that i get mad shits after eatin' there
Guy 1: aight fine lets go to harveys
Guy 2: seen
by HarveysPimp April 04, 2005
46 37
Def.1, adj,: A situation in which life as it is lived was made better by the effects of cannabis.

Def.2,adj,: The best description of a place smelling of cannabis.
Def.1: *Matt goes to McDonalds and orders The Best McDonald's Meal Ever*
Matt: damn this is chronically enhanced, it taste's so good high.

Def.2: *Wes walks outside into a backyard of people smoking weed*
Wes: "Yo it smells chronically enhanced out here!"
by HarveysPimp June 11, 2007
9 1