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An interpretation of the classic Martini drink thought to be popularized by the post-beat modernist movement. A Kerouac, in traditional form, is 15 parts vermouth with a cold splash of Gin. Kerouac himself was known to "pour a cold glass of Vermouth while glancing at a bottle of gin."
"Are you serious?...Wow...OK, one Kerouac...comin' up."
by Harvey Bennet March 29, 2010
To make subsequent poor financial decisions in an effort to reduce the relative impact of an initial poor financial decision.
That hooker definitely wasn't worth the $200, so I'll average down with liquor and blackjack.
by Harvey Bennet April 20, 2010
An alcoholic beverage comprised of one Beer Chang, one shot of rum, and one shot of grenadine. The Rum Changsky is a simple and efficient drink for the working man. Nothing in wasted on appearance or taste. Designed and named to honor Noam Chomsky's friendly brand of communism.
Hitherto, every form of society has been based ... on the antagonism of oppressing and oppressed classes. Henceforth, society shall be freed by a Rum Changsky made for every man ... the working man.
by Harvey Bennet April 20, 2010
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